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The State of New Hampshire has an Abbot-Downing Coach on display in the White Mountains. This vehicle was obtained by the Preservation of New Hampshire Forests in 1933 and placed on display at the Flume in Franconia Notch, which it then operated and has remained there under state custody.

In 1963, Mrs. Rachel Adams of Lincoln, wife of former Governor and Presidential Assistant Sherman Adams, sponsored renovations of the old vehicle, for use in the 1964 bicentennial celebration of the town of Lincoln.


Concord Coach Photos



Scarborough, Maine Stagecoach

Concord Coach #158

Wells Fargo Parade - Chicaco - 1912

Kansas Historical Society

Abbot-Downing Stagecoach

Santa Ynez Abbot-Downing Stagecoach

Photo and info on Abbot-Downing Stagecoach that sells at auction for $580,000.00!!

Abbot-Downing Concord Coach #41 and Abbot-Downing Mountain Wagon.

Restored Concord Coach - Two different dates on when manufactured.


Check out this great book!

You will find it at many used bookstores. Many copies were printed.  The book is called "Taverns and Stagecoaches of New England."  It's a wonderful source on information of coaches in New England.  It was printed in 1953 by the State Street Trust Company in Boston, MA.


The mail arrives at the Sandwich, New Hampshire General Store and Post Office