Miss Lucy Downing
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Photo of Miss Downing courtesy of and copyrighted by the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Miss Lucy Downing sits in an Abbot-Downing Concord Coach prior to a parade in Concord, NH in which the vehicle is delivered to the New Hampshire Historical Society as a gift of the Boston & Maine Railroad, October 27, 1957.


Former Abbot-Downing employees check out the Concord Coach after its arrival at the New Hampshire Historical Society.


The only Abbot-Downing Stagecoach shipped to Rhodesia.



Cook's Tavern Coach - Broad Street, Claremont, New Hampshire


An Abbot-Downing Concord Coach photographed at the factory prior to shipment.


Be on the lookout for a book that was published in 1953 of miniatures made of one-eighth scale of typical horse-drawn vehicles of  the nineteenth century in America.
The book is HORSE POWER DAYS by Ivan L. Collins.  This would be a great addition to any collection.


An Abbot-Downing Stagecoach in Hanover, New Hampshire, circa 1911


Photo courtesy and copyrighted by Chuck Bourbeau.

This coach is dated June 23, 1849 and is owned by the Amherst Historical Society, Amherst, N.H.  This was another project Ed and Barbara Rowse took on.



One of my favorite books - make sure you pick up a copy.


A wonderful 48 page booklet by Edward Rowse printed in 1976 is out there. This out-of-print booklet began my interest in the Abbot-Downing Coaches. Ed was a super source of information on all types of Abbot-Downing vehicles. This booklet has photos of many of the vehicles Abbot-Downing produced other than the world famous Concord Coach. Good luck in seeking a copy. The title is: CONCORD'S WAGGON MEN.


Deer Park Hotel - No. Woodstock, N.H.


Check out this great book! STAGECOACH EAST - Stagecoach Days in the East from the Colonial Period to the Civil War.
Authors: Oliver W. Holmes and Peter T. Rohrbach. Printed by the Smithsonian Press in 1983. Look for it.


Stagecoach located at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. A 9 passenger Eastern-style Concord road coach.  Originally the coach's body was painted red and its carriage yellow, but the coach has been overpainted with the exception of the door scenes.  It's original "jump seat" is missing.  The two slat seats on top of the coach were added at a later date.
It began its life in the State of Vermont.  It served between Morrisville-Stowe and also Waterbury-Hardwick and was a hotel stagecoach in St. Albans.


These are great Wells Fargo sites.  Each museum has an original Abbot-Downing Concord Coach on display.  Click on and enjoy!!

More Wells Fargo information

The Wells Fargo History Museums


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Abbot-Downing Concord Coach

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