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Posted November 8, 2006



THANK YOU NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!                    






Coming Up




Posted November 7, 2006



One of the best times I have had since arriving in Phoenix is attending the 6th annual Arizona Irish Festival. This is truly a family event - you couldn't meet nicer people in your whole life - and that's not because I am Irish and Scottish!!


I arrived as the gates were opening and it was just about to get underway.


It was only 10:15 and I was sitting under a tree with a Guinness when I spotted St. Patrick. I jumped up (not really - I'm getting old!!)to introduce myself to him.  His name is Dan Magee and he relocated to Phoenix from New Jersey about twenty years ago.  He is one of the founders of the Irish Cultural Center.  What a great talker, and I was a great listener.


I screwed up!!  By the time I was ready to have my corned beef and cabbage (something I wouldn't cook at home)the lines were far too long for me to wait around. This photo was taken about 10:30.  I'll have to wait until St. Pat's Day.


I can't get enough of bagpipes.  They were wonderful.  Before I could get photos of the Irish dancers, they had already changed into sweatsuits and were out enjoying the fair. That's not fair.  They had three different stages - with something going on all the time.


When I arrived home I was exhausted.  Couldn't even eat - even though I was hungry. Jumped into bed with happy thoughts of a wonderful day!


I stuck my finger in front of the shutter in taking pictures of the two buildings that make up the Irish Cultural Center.  Next time I'm down there I'll try again.  They are located beside this wonderful park that the festival was located at. The park is located behind the fence you see in my picture of the Irish Famine Memorial.


Posted November 6, 2006



You can tell when Fall has arrived in Arizona when the Society Page has returned to the Arizona Republic.  Most other major newspapers have done away with their Society Pages - but not Arizona!  With all these millionaires - they need recognition.


All the ladies are decked out in their Oscar de la Renta gowns and I'm sure the jewelry was NOT borrowed.


This affair on Saturday was for the opening of the new $50 million addition to the Phoenix Art Museum.


    I think she looks stunning!!!

MY invitation must have been lost in the mail!  The grand opening is this weekend, but I'll wait about a week before I go.  It's an easy bus ride from my apartment.



When I went to the Maricopa Superior Court to get my non driver's Arizona identification card, I was immediately registered to vote.  The information is electronically sent to the Secretary of State's office.  It took all of two minutes.  I later went to the Arizona state Democratic Headquarters to find out where my polling location was, and they informed me I could vote by mail and gave me the form to request it.  I'm happy I did, even though my polling location is only two streets away at the Mormon Church.
There are nineteen propositions on the ballot!!!!!  I hope everyone that received the sample ballot (which you can take into the polling booth) took the time to read them all.  I loved sitting at my table and taking the time to read them all and make up my mind.
One creates a lottery with a $1 million prize for people who vote in primary and general elections - funded through unclaimed lottery prizes!
A couple of others concern smoking in Arizona.
Ones I am more concerned about are the ones preserving state land.  This state is going to hell with thousands of cookie cutter homes which the state allows by selling state trust lands. Some of these developments are already having trouble with water supply because the planning wasn't properly done.
The minimum wage is one of the props and increasing the legislators' annual salary from $24,000 to $36,000 annually is another.
I like voting by mail, but am concerned whether is was a really good idea.  I don't know about the mail delivery, and there is something special about actually seeing your ballot going into the ballot box.  I'll have to think about it before I vote the next time.


Posted November 3, 2006


I won't accept any excuses for you not going out to




Posted October 31, 2006


Information and a few photos of my visit to the Arizona Irish Festival coming up!




Posted October 30, 2006


Posted October 27, 2006

Whoops!  I meant to put my pants on!  Just kidding!


I have waited all my life to see the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile in person, and as my luck would have it, I missed it by 30 seconds.  Just as I was turning the corner to the store, it was pulling out of the parking lot!!  I immediately transformed into a child, and had to control myself from running down the street, chasing it as I sang the jingle!!  It certainly made my day and brought a super wide grin to my face!!


Posted October 23, 2006


I'm off to the Arizona State Fair tomorrow and then going to the Arizona Irish Festival on Saturday.    I'll be taking pictures and share them with you - along with little "comments" I might have.
Being Irish - I hope I find my way home!!  Just kidding!


Posted October 15, 2006


Question?  Do you think its proper for a 63 year old man to entertain a 21 year old woman at 6:15 every morning for coffee?  AND YOU THOUGHT only little old ladies with tuna casseroles would be showing up at my door!
I'll give you the story later!


This one is on the way out!  Now I have to go to the store and get my own beer!!




I love the little antique shop at the corner.  This is the first year that they haven't won the Best of Phoenix.  They have won for the last twelve years.  I can't imagine why not.  They have the neatest things at the most reasonable prices.  Nothing seems to last for over two or three days.  I Stop in just because it's like visiting a little museum.  So many of the things I grew up with are on sale and bring back so many memories.  Other things, like mounted oxen heads, alligator heads (the large ones, not the little ones everyone brought back to NH on their trip to Florida,) etc., I'm not familiar with. Fantastic furniture at unbelievable prices.  They would go for about three times as much in NH.
The cat skeleton pictured above came in a custom glass case and sold for only $85.00.  I'm sure it was not purchased by a pet lover.  How could you stare at that all day - and then go over and pet your cat!!
I also found out that the guy from Maxine's goes on his shopping trip on Mondays when the store is closed - so now I will only make a trip on Tuesdays.  I don't need anything now that my apartment is exactly how it want it - but I sure saved a lot of money going over there.
On his way to work in the morning he picks up an 18-pack of Bud and sits at his desk drinking. If his wife shows up, he has one of the "girls" hide it.  But then, when he finishes a beer, he just hides it on one of the shelves.  You never know when you will find one of his empties when you're looking for something.
Later on in the afternoon when he runs out of beer he walks across the street to the bar.
Up until last month it was called Philthy Phil's.  They advertised buy one steak dinner and get the second one free on Friday evenings.  Who the HELL would go out to dinner at Philthy Phil's???  Last month they had a new sign installed.  It just says Phil's Bar & Grille!  I'll have to see if their business picks up!   





Updated October 11, 2006


I was a little upset with a Halloween display I saw up the street.  They had done a great job - but then I looked really close and saw all this barbed wire surrounding the display.  I figured they had done this in case someone jumped over the fence to steal parts of the display.  They have young children and I felt they might get hurt.
This morning, I ran into Minnie, a woman in her seventies that is out watering her lawn every day at the same time.  The one thing I can't understand is that she has never put down any grass seed and continues to water all those bare spots.  She always has a cigarette in her mouth and the ash is half as long as the cigarette.  I can't pay attention to what she is saying, because I spend all my time waiting for the ash to fall off!!
Well, she told me she checked it out.  It is PLASTIC.  This must be an Arizona thing.  Barbed wire in your Halloween display!!!! 
I can imagine what they do for Christmas!!


Updated October 10, 2006

Dykes on Bikes
(And I will not entertain any unacceptable comments!)


On Saturday, my neighbors two doors down, were getting ready to move to a larger apartment to the section across the street.  They are a young lesbian couple with a cute little dog, and were great neighbors. Unfortunately, they hadn't planned on moving and just recently had all new furniture delivered by IKEA.  When they just went to renew their lease they found out it would be more feasible to get a two bedroom apartment considering what the increase was.
When I moved in I purchased a security screen door because I love to have the cross breeze in my apartment and only turn on the AC when I REALLY have to.  Plus the fact, I didn't want one of those roaming cats trotting in while I was reading the paper and scare me half to death.  I open it when I get my paper in the morning.
On to the story.  Early, their big butch friends showed up to help.  Quite a few of them.  They lugged over the small stuff, dishes, etc.  Then all of sudden they disappeared, and later their little lipstick lesbian friends arrived and got stuck moving all of the real HEAVY stuff.  The first group had biceps the size of my thighs.  I was angry!!
It wasn't until later in the day that I realized that there was a two day Gay/Lesbian awareness celebration going on in downtown Phoenix.  So I presumed the first group had to go to set up for that!!
The first weekend I arrived in Phoenix they had the Gay Pride Parade right down the street from me.  They have it in January because of the heat in June.  The parade went on for one and a half hours.  They had floats from California, Las Vegas and places in between.  There were groups representing gay Mormons, gay American Indians, a gay blind organization, senior gays, PLAG, gay blacks, gay latinos. gay ministers, etc.
There is a two day celebration at the Steele Indian Park and the parade started out - as all major gay parades do - with the Dykes on Bikes.  Following them were the Mayor, the City Council and the openly gay Congressman from Arizona.  Every major firm from Chase Bank, Budweiser, etc. had floats.  The Wells Fargo Bank even brought out one of their Abbot-Downing Concord Coaches pulled by four stunning horses.
They don't allow the craziness of other major gay pride parades - where only photos of the most outrageous participants are pictured in the papers across the USA.
I do have to say the Latino transvestites would put any of our Miss New Hampshire candidates to shame.  For some reason they beat out everyone else when it comes to crossdressing.
I remember when I was at the Barley House one year when they were having the Gay Pride parade.  I think it was the year after I marched.  Anyway, Jim Cole asked me what was going on outside and I told him the Dykes on Bikes were ready to start the parade.  He went crazy!!  I have to get a picture of this.  He grabbed my hand and off we were to my house because his camera was in his truck that was parked there.  We ran down the street and they had started.  We ran after the Dykes on Bikes so he could get his picture.  Sure enough, it appeared on the front page of the Monitor the next day.
So much for this story.


Newly posted cartoons on your left



Back to my story on the homeless.  Last year, 32 homeless people here in Phoenix died because of the heat.  This year, everyone got involved. They were providing vans delivering water in the downtown areas.  Anheuser-Busch even opened up their bottling plant and provided white!! cans with water in it.  I bet all those guys would have rather have had a BUD!
Fortunately, only 3 people died this summer.  They opened a massive social service center in downtown Phoenix to take care of the homeless - but you know how they are - very independent - until they need something else.
From the first day - I think they targeted me.  I started to change the way I dressed - but then again that might have been my choice - who the HELL in Concord would see me dressed like this!  I have not been approached as much since I stopped looking so preppy!
I have a heart!  It depends HOW you approach me.  When a guy approaches me in a nice manner and asks for a cigarette - I give him two.  I don't judge.  It might be two less than I smoke.
Don't ask me for a dollar - or I will smack you! 
Now, to my story.  I was at a bus stop (the local gathering spot for all homeless people in Phoenix, because of the heat.)
And also the spot for all senior citizens that don't drive!
I met this very nice Irish older fellow (meaning he was at least a year older than me) who asked me for a dime.  I couldn't believe he asked for such a small amount.
THIS IS NOT A JOKE. He told me he was a former priest - I didn't ask what the circumstances were - but I guessed.  I told him I would give him a dollar - but if he lied to me, I would meet him at the Pearly Gates and tell God not to let him in. He swore it was true.  But how will I know?  I might be in HELL or PURGATORY!
I won't tell you the story of the black guy dangling out his private parts at the corner and his arrest within minutes.
I can't believe I have been here for nine months and have only seen a couple of police cars in this neighborhood and have only seen three fire engines.  I think I'm pretty safe.
Next time - cat skeleton - bus book - library glass elevator - whatever strikes my fancy for that posting.  Stay tuned!


Posted October 5, 2006


Now that it is fall, the days are getting shorter.  Arizona doesn't have Daylight Savings Time.  We start noticing the changes now.  By December, we'll see the sun rising about 7:30 and setting at 5:30!!  I thought this was really weird when I first arrived here. All those cars in the morning in the pitch dark - off to work.
I made banana bread this morning and didn't pay attention to the directions.  You know that little note on the package about high altitude?  It came out pretty weird looking, but I was able to salvage some of it for my breakfast!! 

Posted October 3, 2006


Whoops!  I have company - I'll post later.

I'm back.  I was going to talk about the homeless and panhandlers - but something else popped into my mind.
I just realized, I know more of my neighbors here than I did in Concord.  When I walk to the store, the barber yells out "Peter, can you get me a gallon of water, I'll pay you later".  Jo Ann and Mary at Maxines will take me out back before items are even placed up for sale.  The oriental guy next door says he'll give me okra as soon as he harvests it.  OKRA!  I don't think so, but the thought was nice.  When I go to the Middle East Bakery up the street for my fresh pita bread right out of the oven, he tells me "you know what it costs - leave the money on the counter".
Even at the AM/PM - one of them wants to marry me!  I told her to hold out for an older guy with MONEY!  The other one told me she had a dream about me.  I told her I didn't want to hear anything more!!
It's like living in Mr. Roger's neighborhood.  BUT, every time I ask them for my senior citizen discount - THEY TELL ME TO GET LOST!  That makes me feel GREAT!
The homeless have got me pegged too.  Stories on my next posting.


Posted October 2, 2006


I wanted to add this before I forgot.  The other morning I had to go to the store early, and passed one of my neighbor's yard and noticed all kinds of gigantic blooms on one of the cacti he has in his yard.  All kinds of bees were humming around and I was really impressed.  Later in the day I was going along the same street and noticed the flowers were dead, and mentioned to his neighbor, who informed me it was a night blooming cactus and the flowers bloomed once and that was it.  Just like the daylilies I planted at the Upham-Walker House.  Then I recalled I had noticed all kinds of blooms on another one of his specimens.  THEY must have bloomed in the middle of the night also, but I wasn't fortunate to get a glimpse of them.
With all the killings around here at this time, I'm not ready to get up in the middle of the night to watch a cactus bloom.  It was still very meaningful to me.




Governor Janet Napolitano

Posted September 27, 2006
I decided to go grocery shopping this morning.  Took off on the bus, and stopped for my coffee and paper at the Hilton, then walked to Safeway.
There are just some things I don't understand out here.  I thought the beef would be superb because of the location.  I have not bought any since I arrived.  It looks awful and when I first cooked hamburg (I bought the best!) I was up all night because of the grease.  I bought a pound today at $5.09 and will try it again.  I still think I will stick to chicken - which I love.  Some things are really expensive and then other things are cheaper.  A cucumber at $1.00 (and not even a nice looking one) is bull****!
They had orchid plants (18" high) in various colors and they were fantastic for $12.99!!  I didn't trust myself getting it home in the cab, so when I get a ride from one of my neighbors, I just might buy one.  I get all the flyers on Wednesday and when they have the best deals I take the bus and then take a cab home.
I should have done my shopping last week when it was cooler.  As of today, we had 98 days of 100 degrees or higher.  Its going to cool off next week.
The politicians out here are just as nasty as those in New Hampshire.  I just found out today, when Janet Napolitano first ran for Governor people attached notices to her signs that said "VOTE GAY."  I couldn't care less if she was a lesbian, but she states she is straight.  Would it make a difference??  She's doing a great job and the latest poll today says she has 64% to 28% for the radical Len Munsil!!
After going to Safeway today, it reminded me of a story.  I'll talk about the homeless and panhandlers on my next posting.


Posted September 26, 2006
It was announced today that the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, right outside Phoenix, will be named the University of Phoenix Stadium. One of the wiseguy sports columnists has suggested a nickname - U-Pee Stadium!!
Another item in the paper says Mike Tyson is suing the town (actually a part of Phoenix) of Paradise Valley for $250,000 because of damage done to his home due to a broken sewer pipe.  His insurance won't cover it because they say roots had gotten into the pipe and it was up to Paradise Valley to pay.
Quite a lot of celebrities have second homes out here, especially in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale.

Posted September 24, 2006


"All the angels rejoiced on the 21st of January 2006 when Robert Mirabito walked through the gates of heaven".  That is the beginning of an obituary here in Phoenix.  Another one I like is "To reflect the joy he brought to everyone who knew him, you can honor Jim by making someone smile today".  An unusual one is "There will be a huge celebration of his life, and all are welcome.  We will celebrate his 72 years of life, the 53 years he shared in marriage with Mom, and his 30 years of sobriety. In lieu of flowers, the family requests you bring packaged diapers to this celebration as we are supporting the Annual Homeward Bound Diaper Drive".  One I didn't like was when they brought up the fact that she was constantly passing gas!
I also liked the one where the 89 year old woman left behind her fiancee!!
They are extremely creative in the obituaries out here in Phoenix.  I hadn't thought about dying until I started reading the paper.  Half the obituaries are of people either my age or younger.  This seems very strange to me.  I realize its a large city - but it just doesn't strike me right.
Another thing I noticed is that everytime someone is killed around here, they have a carwash to pay the funeral expenses.
So much for obits!
Last night when I went to the store to buy beer, the cashier told me to be careful going home.  Recently a man was held up by two individuals at gunpoint and stole his 18 pack of beer!  The other day when I was in the same store waiting in line, I saw two kids run out of the 7-11 across the street with two 12 packs.  The clerk ran out after them, but they were faster than he was and ran behind the funeral home!
It's gorgeous outside, so I'm going to go for a walk.

Posted September 24, 2006


Congratulations Sandy!  I put this on my site to see if you really are checking up on me!  Stay out of the stores - send her to college - don't make her a fashion icon like yourself!!!!!

Posted September 22, 2006


I didn't take this picture.  It doesn't come close to what I saw today.


The outdoor coffee shop is right to the left of the fountain.

The weather is changing and it has been just fantastic!  It goes down to about 72 in the evening and about 92 during the day.  It is so refreshing.  You don't even realize it is 92 because it is so dry.
Speaking about that - I have to use eye drops about 3 times a day because my eyes dry out very easily out here.
This morning on my way back from getting my USA Today I spotted something out of the corner of my eye - and sure enough there was a rabbit at the corner of a house.  The guy next door was out looking for him.  He told me it was a pet and not one of the native rabbits because they have much larger ears.  Hopefully it found its way home.
I saw the most unbelievable sunset today.  I have never in my life seen the sun the size it was!!!  And I always thought those pictures I saw with the sky pink, yellow, blue, white, etc. were not true.  Well, let me tell you - it was unbelievable!
I was going to go downtown this morning but changed my mind.  I usually like to get up early - hop on the bus - and go downtown to get my newspaper and about my fourth cup of coffee.  Schools start early here in Phoenix - the first week of August and all the kids take the bus.  I don't like the crowds, so if I don't get on the 6:30 bus I wait until the next day.  I usually go to the coffee shop next to the Hilton Suites.  There is an outdoor coffee shop with a gigantic fountain right next door.  I get my New York Times (I can't get it in my neighborhood) and there is a wonderful breeze from the fountain.  A great way to start the day.
I should get back in the habit of walking downtown in that I had put on 20 pounds since arriving here.  In the beginning I was eating. eating, eating!  I don't know what brought that on.  I'm starting to lose some of that weight, so I should start walking down again now that the weather is getting so much nicer.


I love walking down Osborn Street, right next to me because it is so quiet in the morning.  The Phoenix Country Club takes up blocks and blocks.


I love walking by these condos that overlook the Phoenix Country Club.  I can imagine what these condos cost.  Someone had pull, because this is the only highrise in over fourteen blocks.

I'll talk about the Obits later this weekend!

Posted September 15, 2006


I'm starting this website to let you know what I'm doing out here in Phoenix.  I'll be updating it on a very regular basis so I don't have to repeat myself to everyone in individual emails.  Hope you will check in on a regular basis to find out what I am doing.  Then you can contact me at my regular email account if you have news for me!

I'll be talking about things that just pop into my mind and not necessarily what is going on at this moment.  I want to tell a lot about when I first arrived - but my first topic is going to be about the Obituary Columns out here!  VERY INTERESTING!!
Click on the other two pages of my site on the left - I'll be adding to those when I find something that I feel you would enjoy.  I'm recuperating after being thrown out of the bus in the middle of the barrio.  The monkey wasn't harmed.


I'm not ready to kick the bucket yet!!!  Coming up - my thoughts on the obits!